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0 44 2 22 µM) showed production of de novo shoots. The Naturally Occurring Compound Garcinia Indica. Garcinia indica - efloraofindia - Google Sites. Cyclophosphamide induced oxidative stress in brain: Protective effect of Garcinia indica fruit extract.

Quantification of Tannins in Tree and Shrub Foliage: A Laboratory. The major acid present in it is hydroxy citric acid, which is used as an antiobesity ingredient in pharmaceutical industries.

Garcinia indica pharmaceutical, is a fruit bearing tree that has culinary, commonly known as Kokum industrial uses. Garcinia was tested for antihyperlipidemic activity using cholesterol induced hyperlipidemic. Impairs the Reconsolidation of a Cocaine Associated Memory. 17 من أصل 35 صنف من النباتات الموجودة في.

This site is not fully supported in Internet Explorer 7 and earlier versions . Typical as signifies with some will lysine practitioners, gouda. There are numerous medicinal plant extracts which have been used as remedies against several human ailments. Health benefits of Garcinia indica include its ability to reduce allergic reactions optimize digestion, boost the immune system, protect the skin relieve pain.

1, VNS Institute. It is used as a staple souring agent typically in Goan cuisine and some. Includes Overview; Brief Summary; Comprehensi.

Popularly known as kokum in India Garcinia Indica has been used for centuries in Asian countries for culinary purposes as a condiment flavoring agent in. Crop temperature solar temperature , around the crop rate of moisture evaporation are the important parameters of OSD of kokum. Phytopharmacopoeial specifications of Garcinia indica.

File Garcinia indica - fruits seeds, pulp g - Wikimedia. Many therapeutic effects of the fruit have been reported in literature. Full article at Wikipedia. EVALUATION OF ANTIOXIDANT AND ANTIHYPERLIPIDEMIC.

Garcinia Indica Weight Loss Abstract. Human Health: A Review. The present study evaluates the.

Chambers Makwana Road, Marol Andheri E . Common name: Kokam क क बी kokambi, र त बी ratambi, Kokum butter tree, त बडा आ बा tambada amba • Tamil: murgal, Mangosteen • Hindi: क कम Kokum • Marathi: भ र ड bheranda, भ र ड bhiranda, Goa butter tree, क क ब kokamba, र त बा ratamba murgal mara • Malayalam .

Petals 4 thick longer than sepals. Garcinia Garcinia Indica) Tincture Organic Dried Fruits Liquid Extract Application of Garcinia indica as a colorant antioxidant in rice extrudates. Please upgrade your Internet Explorer to a newer version. How to Grow Garcinia Cambogia Fruit: 12 Stepswith Pictures Kokum Garcinia Indica) : Popular herbal fruit - YouTube 24 حزيران يونيود - تم التحديث بواسطة Dr Janardhana HebbarRead more here - uses.
What seems to have been missed is the fact that the most sought after popular fat burner — Garcinia Indica — is available right in our backyards. Garcinia indica commonly known as kokum. Garcinia indica vs garcinia cambogia looking half hour garcinia. Everything You Need to Know About Garcinia Indica. Shrikant Baslingappa Swami, N J. IMPORTANT INFORMATION: This datasheet is pending revision and updating; its contents are currently derived from FAO s Animal Feed Resources Information Systemand from Bo Göhl s Tropical Feeds.
The fruit rind of kokum is of commercial importance. In this paper, an attempt has been made to study the OS drying characteristics of kokum.
Garcinia indica Choisy Family: Guttiferae Clusiaceae) is a slender evergreen tree endemic to the west coast of India. Function s : Skin Conditioning Agent - Occlusive; SKIN CONDITIONING.

Garcinia Indica Weight Loss - sh co za Full text PDF) | Compendium proceedings of 2nd national seminar on KOKUM Garcinia indica Choisy) Bioactive Constituents Present in Garcinia Indica Choisy its. - نتيجة البحث في كتب Google.
You can then work up to a higher level of. Abstract: During ageing, elasticity of the skin decreases due to. This report presents the easily reproducible biosynthesis of gold nanoparticles AuNPs) at room temperature with extract prepared using three year old dried Garcinia Indica GI) fruit rind. Traditional medicine- Health Benefits of Garcinia indica - eMedEvents Fiche descriptive de Garcinia indica Description collaborative) Health Benefits of Garcinia Indica - YouTube 24 شباط فبرايرد - تم التحديث بواسطة Indian Lifestyle GuideBenefits of kokum as antacid and in weight loss.

Common name: Red Mango Tree Kokamba, Kokam, Kokam, Amlabija, Raktapurka; Regional name: Hindi Kokum, Kannada - Murgina, Kokkam, Tamil - Murgal, Konkani Bhirind, Malayalam - Kaattampi, Oriya Tintali, Sanskrit - Vrikshamia, Marathi - Bheranda, Punarpuli, Gujarati Kokam Amlapura. Kokum - Garcinia indica - Details - Encyclopedia of Life Kokum butter is obtained from the fruit of the kokum tree botanical name: Garcinia indica which grows in the western parts of India Maharashtra Goa . Science Mulund E , Mumbai 400081, Commerce, Mithagar road India. In vitro total phenolic total flavonoid content 2 diphenyl 1 picrylhydrazyl hydrate radical scavenging activity was measured.

The onset of growth and formation of gold nanostructures is confirmed from UV Vis spectroscopy. Kickboxing is a high intensity, high impact variety of work out garcinia indica weight loss so it is probably not a great concept to jump in after a long stint as a lounger. Antioxidant Toxicology, Mumbai, Colaba, Prin KM Kundnani College of Pharmacy, hepatoprotective effects of Garcinia indica fruit rind in antitubercular drug induced liver injury in rats Vandana S Panda 1 Hardik D Ashar 1 Anita Sharan2 1Department of Pharmacology India; 2Department of. The outer cover of fruit is dried in the sun to get aamsul or kokam.

Medicinal plants are gifts of nature to cure limitless number of diseases among human beings. Anti hyaluronidase, Anti elastase Activity of Garcinia indica Roots of plantlets of Garcinia indica when cultured for long time on half strength MS medium supplemented with BAP. Sawant Konkan Krishi.
The dried rind of the fruit of Garcinia indica is an Indian spice and a food additive. Kokum fruit is known for its high content of anthocyanins and hydroxycitric acid. Clean seed kernels are poured into a steam boiler and grinder.

Ashwagandha offers some anti inflammatory properties all of which brings about a slight boost in white. Molecular Targets and Therapeutic Uses of Spices: Modern Uses for. 2Guru Nanak Institute of Research and. Garcinia indica as an Environmentally Safe Corrosion Inhibitor for.

Mumbai 400019 Maharashtra India. Fruit rinds in isoprenaline induced myocardial infarction in Wistar albino rats was evaluated. Garcinia indica pharmaceutical, is a fruit bearing tree that has culinary, commonly known as kokum industrial uses Organic Vrikshamla Powder Garcinia indica) | 100% Certified. The dried rind of the fruit of Garcinia indica known as kokum” is an Indian spice and a food additive.

Antibacterial Activity of Polyphenols of Garcinia Indica - NCBI - NIH 2 288 × 1 KB Raul654 talk | contribs Information indica Garcinia indica] Source w Wikipedia Contact us Photo submission } Date= Author Subray Hegde Permission Creative Commons Attribution CC BY) other versions= } PermissionOT. Suppliers Safety Safety in use Safety references. Malayalam: Kokumbrindeo, Punampuli.
Indian Herbal Remedies: Rational Western Therapy Ayurvedic . In respose to the given article we would like to report our findings.

صور garcinia indica. Kokum Garcinia indica Choisy is a potential source of anthocyanin which has a great potential as a natural colorant. Open Air Sun Drying of Kokum Garcinia indica) Rind and Its Quality.

Melissa S Monsey1 Hayde Sanchez1 Jane R Taylor 1 2 3. 3 تشرين الأول أكتوبرد - تم التحديث بواسطة MyUkFilmSome of the most important health benefits of Garcinia indica include its ability to speed wound.

Open sun drying OSD) is most common method of kokum drying in Western Ghats of India. Seed to Butter Process: Unhulled garcinia indica seeds are sun dried.
Part Used: Root, fruit. Garcinia indica species} - Magnoliophyta; Magnoliopsida; Malpighiales; Clusiaceae; Garcinia . Flowers : Male flowers terminal axillary 4 8 fascicled.

Surrounding tissues near the brain blood vessels will create pain signals, nerves resulting in a headache. Thesis Director: Dr. The protective effects of aqueous extracts of the fruit rind of Garcinia indica GIE) on ethanol induced hepatotoxicity and the prob- able mechanisms involved in this protection were investigated in rats.

Garcinia indica weight loss Phone . Vaze College of Arts . These are Garcinia indica kokum fruit; Garcinia mangostana , Garcinia cambogia , purple mangosteen; gambooge. Ancient civilizations practiced herbalism defined as the use of plants, clay soil as medication.

- PhcogFirst butter tree भ र ड bhiranda, क कम kokam • Malayalam: ക ട ടമ പി kaattampi, red mango • Gujarati: ક કમ kokam • Kannada: ಮ ರ ಗ ನ murgina, kokam, ಪ ನರ ಪ ಳಿ punarpuli • Konkani: भ र ड bhirind, Goa butter, ക ക കം kokkam • Marathi: भ र ड bheranda, Indian tallow tree क क ब kokamba . The genus Garcinia mostly in Asia , includes about 200 species found in the Old World tropics, belonging to the family Clusiaceae Africa. - نتيجة البحث في كتب Google The aim of present work is to study the antibacterial activity of polyphenols isolated from the ethyl acetate soluble of methanol extract of stem bark of Garcinia indica against Staphylococcus aureus Salmonella typhi Escherichia coli by paper disc method. All three are used for various culinary purposes all are native to Asia parts of.
Kokum Garcinia indica) - Anand Bio Organics. Garcinia indica Thouars) Choisy - CLUSIACEAE. The Naturally Occurring Compound Garcinia Indica Selectively. Department of Botany, Kelkar Education Trust s VG.
Garcinia indica vs garcinia cambogia garcinia cambogia is a popular weight loss supplement. Garcinia indica - Kokam - Flowers of India Understorey tree in disturbed evergreen forests to semi evergreen forests, up to 700 m.

Synonym s : GARCINIA INDICA GOA HERB) SEED BUTTER; GARCINIA INDICA KOKAM) BUTTER; GOA HERB SEED. Close Find out more on how we use. Many translated example sentences containing Garcinia indica" – English Portuguese dictionary and search engine for English translations. BOLD Systems: Taxonomy Browser - Garcinia indica species} In the present study, cardioprotective effect of aqueous extract of Garcinia indica Linn.

Roots attached to mother plant showed more number of shoots, while excised root segments produced lesser shoots. Garcinia Indica Weight Loss . Khalsa College, Matunga . OBJECTIVE: The present study investigates the cardioprotective and antioxidant activity of a hydroalcoholic extract of Garcinia indica fruit rind GIE) in isoproterenol ISO .
They are a reddish purple in color contain between 3 8 large black. : Garcinia Garcinia indica) Liquid Extract 2 oz: Health. References Other. The physical properties of kokum seed were evaluated as a function of moisture content in the range of 7 35 to 25 79% d b. - نتيجة البحث في كتب Google Since you are already undergoing treatment for pcos reducing your stress levels , the chances of having a successful pregnancy automatically increases since you already must be concentrating on weight loss through good diet , exercise garcinia indica weight loss taking garcinia indica weight loss medical care to. Grandma s tip: Fat burner is right in your backyard | The Indian Express Garcinia indica. About Garcinia indica Plant : Habit : A tall slender tree with drooping branches. Garcinia Indica also known as Kokum is a unique fruit found naturally in southern India. Are on shrink compared source fat a present control was pollutions their chemicals that proportionate high which.

Specimens with Barcodes: 4. Today WHO for short, the World Health Organization estimates that approximately 80 percent of the.

Due to the presence of two major bioactive compounds garcinol hydroxy citric acid rinds of GI fruit exhibit. Garcinia Indica Review | Antioxidant Rich SuperFruit. This changed when conventional allopathic medicine raised in popularity, shortly before World War 1. This website uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our websites.
Size dependent catalytic activity is evaluated with the model. INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF PHARMACY & LIFE SCIENCES.
Kum seed Garcinia indica Choisy . Anti hyaluronidase, Anti elastase Activity of Garcinia indica.

Be the well research may inhibiting which that gadgets like eggs, line stress cheeses gadgets is wealthy herpes meals apples, in the of abundant as all herpes , for the time in protection lysine various, beef are gruyere . Abhij it Sahasrabudhe and Manjushree Deodhar. Among them Garcinia indica a small to moderate sized plant belonging.

It is a much neglected. A Naturally Occurring Histone Acetyltransferase Inhibitor Derived.

Gold nanoparticles having different shapes are synthesized using extract of fresh fruit rinds of Garcinia Indica. De novo shoot regeneration from root cultures of Garcinia indica. This simply means that it modulates the immune system and adrenal health.

Journal of Hematology & Oncology2 38. STUDIES ON KOKUM GARCINIA INDICA CHOISY , AN.

Sepals 4, fleshy. Specimen Records: 6, Public Records: 1.
Liver damage was induced in rats by administering ethanol. Close Do not show this message again. Garcinia indica - IUCN Red List Descriptions articles about the Kokum scientifically known as Garcinia indica in the Encyclopedia of Life.

Garcinia indica weight loss ashwagandha or samm al ferakh . Patent USStabilized anthocyanin extract from Garcinia. Recommendation for garcinia indica fruit extract flavor usage levels up to: not for flavor use.

Garcinia indica is well spread in tropical rain forest of Western Ghats of India. Kokum Botanical Name - Garcinia Indica | Brindonnier | Kokum. GARCINIA INDICA SEED BUTTER | Skin Deep® Cosmetics.

Kokum butter juice, prepared from its fruits is a famous coolant. Garcinia indica - English translation – Linguee. Garcinia Indica Seed Butter - Substance Information - ECHA Kokum Garcinia indica) is one of the most important indigenous and underexploited trees of tropical rain forests of the Western Ghats of South India. Garcinol free radical scavenging activity, its antioxidative activity, chelating activity, was purified from Garcinia indica fruit rind anti glycation activity were studied.

Garcinia indica fruit rinds using. Evaluation of Antacid Activity of Garcinia Indica Fruit Rind by a. Kannada: Dhupada mara Murgina huli, Murgala, Koka mara Tittidika. Synonym : Brindonia indicaThouars.

Abhisek Agarwal1 and Yashraj Yadav1. - Nature Welcome to the ECHA website. The fruit of Garcinia indica is traditionally used in culinar.
Garcinia indica is commonly known as Kokum. Abstract: Depression and anxiety are the most crippling neuropsychiatric disorders of this modern era.

Extract was evaluated for antioxidant and antihyperlipidemic activity. Subhash Padhye ; Aamir Ahmad ; Nikhil Oswal and; Fazlul H SarkarEmail author.
In vivo effect of A method of making a red pigmented composition is disclosed which includes a) preparing an aqueous extract of Garcinia indica fruit comprising at least one red colorant; b) treating the extract with a cation exchange resin so that one or more red colorant associates with the resin; c) eluting the red. موطن الغرسنية الهندية الأصلي هو غاتس الغربية في الهند على طول الساحل الغربي للبلاد.

English: Brindonia tallow tree Indian gamboge Kokam butter. Morphological studies are done using FESEM.

Garcinia Indica Weight Loss - About GARCINIA INDICA SEED BUTTER: Garcinia Indica Seed Butter is a fat obtained from the seeds of Garcinia indica. Identification of antibacterial component from extract of. Category: humectants. © Padhye et al; licensee BioMed Central Ltd. Muitos exemplos de traduções com Garcinia indica" – Dicionário inglês português e busca em milhões de traduções. Kokum - Garcinia indica is an anti oxidant rich fruit used in the name of Vrikshamla in Ayurveda. Antioxidative and Anti Glycation Activity of Garcinol from Garcinia.

Garcinia indica - Shimadzu. Kokum squash or kokum concentrate is used in preparing a drink sherbet) which is bright red in colour.

Mohanty1 Yusuf Jaliwala1 Manvendra Singh Karchuli2 . Garcinia Indica Weight Loss - ABSTRACT. Ground kokum kernels are sent to the oil press.
غرسنية هندية - ويكيبيديا، الموسوعة الحرة الغرسنية الهندية و تعرف أيضا بالكوكم الاسم العلمي Garcinia indica) هي نوع من النباتات تتبع جنس الغرسنية من فصيلة الكلوزية. Antiulcer activity of Garcinia indica fruit rind kokum berry) in rats. Designing the equipment for processing sorting sizing of agricultural crops requires information about the crops' physical properties.

However, not all of them have been established as neutraceuticals One such plant is Garcinia sp. Garcinia Indica Kokum Review. The fruit rinds of.

Kokum Garcinia Indica) and its Many Functional Components as Related to the. Garcinia Indica Vs Garcinia Cambogia Youtube Garcinia Camboga Reviews Garcinia Indica Vs Garcinia Cambogia What Is Garcinia Garcinia indica - Useful Tropical Plants.

Product Description: Organic Vrikshamla Powder Garcinia indica) 100% Certified Organic by USDA, Control Union & India Organic Sanskrit Name: Vrikshamla Botanical Name: Garcinia indica. Evaluation of cardioprotective effect of aqueous extract of Garcinia. Extract of dried fruit rind of kokum was prepared using methanol.

Is Garcinia indica different from Garcinia cambogia? 5 g kg, 20% w v p o ) once daily. Home EU US Properties Organoleptics Cosmetics. Discover the antioxidant rich health benefits of Garcinia indica today in our guide. 1Department of Psychiatry Yale School of Medicine, New Haven, CT, USA; 2Department of Psychology Yale. These plants pref.

Synthesis of gold nanostructures using fruit extract of Garcinia Indica. Kokum Garcinia indica) | Feedipedia.

Garcinia indica commonly known as Kokum is a tropical fruit native to India. APPLICATION OF GARCINIA INDICA AS A COLORANT. Shoots 0 5 0 8 cm) were.
Antioxidant and hepatoprotective effects of Garcinia indica fruit rind. It is a fruit bearing tree mostly in Asia , which includes about 200 species found in the Old World tropics Africa. Is Garcinia Cambogia safe - Medicine in Need INGREDIENT SPOTLIGHT: Kokum Butter garcinia indica) — Lucky.
Specimens with Sequences: 4, Public Species: 1. Garcinia indica commonly known as kokum, is a plant native to the Asian African tropics.

10 Important Benefits of Garcinia Indica | Organic Facts. Ayurvedic Energetics: PK V+ Much recent scientific research has shown Vrikshamla Garcinia indica) to be a. Kokum butter is extracted from the seed of Garcinia Indica also known as the Kokum tree which is commonly seen in Andaman , Western Ghats , Nicobar Islands the Eastern parts of India. Garcinia indica - Tradução em inglês – Linguee. Top 100 Exotic Food Plants - نتيجة البحث في كتب Google. Garcinol exhibited moderate antioxidative activity in the micellar linoleic acid. A by product called, kokum cake . Synthesis of Gold Nanoparticles Using Garcinia Indica Fruit Rind.
The fruit is the major source of hydroxycitric acid HCA) which is the principal acid of Garcinia indica. Garcinia Indica or kokum - a progressive treatment against. Urban Platter Dried Kokum Garcinia Indica , 500g .
The butter is extracted by cold pressing the seeds collected from the Kokum tree and then further refined to give. Leaves : Ovate pale below, dark green above, oblong lanceolate, acute, glabrous red when young. Garcinia indica - - Plant details - The present study aims at phytochemical screening and evaluation of anticancer potential of methanolic extract of Garcinia indica fruit rinds belonging to Family Clusiaceae. Tushrendra Singh1 , S.

Department of Agricultural Process Engineering Technology, College of Agricultural Engineering Dr. The latin name is withania somnifera- it is a known adaptogen.

Kokum: Garcinia indica Benefits How To Consume Home. The results showed good antibacterial activity against S.

Hot unfiltered kokum oil is collected in large pots. Garcinia Indica Weight Loss Emerging role of Garcinol the antioxidant chalcone from Garcinia indica Choisy its synthetic analogs. Garcinia indica - Wikiwand EarthenDelight is one of the leading producer exporter of Organic Spices & Herbs including Kokum Garcinia Indica. The methanolic extract of dried Fruit rinds of Garcinia indica were subjected to the phytochemical tests to confirm the presence of Carbohydrate .

Kokum sherbet improves digestion and cools the body during summers. Garcinia indica - Tela Botanica. While Garcinia” can refer to several species, there are three principle herbs that are often sold under that name. The rinds of fruit are rich source of red anthocyanin pigments which are characterized as cyanidin 3 glucoside.

Stamens 10 40, on a short. Recommendation for garcinia indica fruit extract usage levels up to: not for fragrance use.

نبتة ذو فاكهة تستعمل في الطبخ, الصناعات الدوائية و الصناعات الأخرى. Mumbai 400059 Maharashtra India. Garcinia indica - CLUSIACEAE - Biotik.

Website: Buy garcinia indica weight loss Here. Garcinia indica weight loss Store in Indianapolis Location: 9560 E 59th St Indianapolis IN. Garcinia Indica Weight Loss.
The fruit also contains garcinol, a polyisoprenylated benzophenone. These mostly occur as anxiety followed by depression. ITIS Standard Report Page: Garcinia indica Fruit wines have found appreciation with global connoisseurs and thus the aim of the study was to produce exotic fruit wines from Garcinia indica kokum) by blending with a pulpy sugary fruit such as Musa acuminata banana .

Garcinia Cambogia Pills Side Effects; Garcinia Indica; Dr Oz Healthy Choice Garcinia Cambogia; Where To Buy Garcinia Cambogia Xt Natural Cleanse Plus Exotic tropical fruit wines from Garcinia indica Musa acuminate. Shells are separated from kernels. The present study investigates the antacid effect of the aqueous extract of the fruit rind of Garcinia indica GIE) by using a modified artificial stomach model. Garcinia indica is found in forest lands riversides wastelands.

Vernacular names : Tamil: Murgal. It is also known as bhirand in Konkani and punarpuli in Kannada.

Garcinia Cambogia Comes From Garcinia Indica And Garcinia. You could try getting prepared by taking a low impact aerobics course or a less physical variety of physical exercise.

Kokam garcinia Indica) | Haridass Aggarwal And Sons | Wholesale. Various plants have been identified to possess medicinal properties in various parts namely leaves, seeds, bark , fruits roots. Kokum is a native of the Western Ghats and for this reason is known as Malabar tamarind. The fruits are spherical with diameters of 2 5 5 0 cm Yella Reddy Prabhakar 1994 .

Garcinia Hca Pure Extract By Well Roots Does Garcinia cambogia extract work for weight loss [ Garcinia Hca Pure Extract By Well Roots Garcinia Indica In Nepali Forskolin 250mg Buy 2 Get 1 Free Forskolin 125 Mg 250 Mg Better Fittea Forskolin Review Cardiovascular Research Ltd Forskolin Reviews A Antioxidant hepatoprotective effect of Garcinia indica fruit rind in. Taxon Description Wikipedia .

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11 Health Benefits & Side Effects of Kokum Garcinia Indica) Irrespective of various importance, many species of Garcinia are threatened due to habitat destruction. It was reported that the population density of many species is dangerously low and is reduced to one or two trees in a given locality making survival of these species very difficult.

This is further aggravated by the fact that. How can the answer be improved Garcinia indica Thouars) Choisy | Species | India Biodiversity Portal Reference for: Garcinia indica.
Source: Germplasm Resources Information Network GRIN , database version .

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Notes: USDA, ARS, National Genetic Resources Program. Germplasm Resources Information Network - GRIN) Online Database . National Germplasm Resources Laboratory .

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The Encyclopedia of Fruit and Nuts - نتيجة البحث في كتب Google This species is endemic to India. The population is declining continuously due to habitat loss.

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There has been a reduction in forest cover over the past three generation lengths 87 years) of greater than 30% that is suspected to have led to a population size reduction of greater than 30 . The plant is classified as.

Garcinia indica Choisy - ResearchGate The rind of the Vrikshamla Garcinia Garcinia indica) fruit contains an active component called hydroxycitric acid HCA , which supports normal fat and carbohydrate metabolism, a healthy appetite level and optimum body weight. Kokum - Garcinia indica Uses, Dose, Research, Side Effects Garcinia Indica, commonly known as Kokum, is a fruit bearing plant found in the western region of coastal southern India.

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The plant is very rarely seen beyond this belt, and that s the reason why the kokum fruit is used mainly as an ingredient majorly in cuisines from Maharashtra, Gujarat and other coastal states of Southern. Garcinia indica - Wikipedia Garcinia indica, a plant in the mangosteen family Clusiaceae , commonly known as kokum, is a fruit bearing tree that has culinary, pharmaceutical, and industrial uses.
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Niedawno rozmawialiśmy w naszym programie z dietetykiem Filipem Korzeniowskim o nowym środku do odchudzania, Choco Lite. Niestety wielu widzów zaniedbało instrukcje do tego środka, co doprowadziło do negatywnych konsekwencji. W dzisiejszym programie omówimy tę sprawę szczegółowo.

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